Welcome on LokiRO!

We are an new Low Rate Server that try to give you an classic gaming experience, with an few benefits as an town warper and low level dungeon warper.

No jobmaster, no rebirth per npc. You have to quest to your job, farm the items, zenys and get the real experience of Ragnarok Online mixed with floating rates between 5x and 7x.


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    Level: 72/ 39

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Server Information

Here you can see some basic informations about Accounts, Characters and Guilds on our server.
Take an look and think about your part in this statistics!

  • 12 Accounts
  • 26 Characters
  • 0 Guilds
  • 6 Parties
  • 203036 Zeny

We wish to give you an feeling about what our server lives from. You! And all the players who are here - Everybody is an part of our economy, the community and the real experience of Ragnarök Online - Can anybody remember an RO Experience with out Community? No? Than join this community and build it with us again.

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Here you find the Download of our Full Client and you can register yourself an account.

Please remember that you only allowed to get 5 Accounts